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Outdoor Living

Adding an outdoor living space to your San Diego area home is the perfect way to enhance your living area and life.

Many in San Diego seem to believe that their living space is limited to only the area inside of their house. However, homeowners who incorporate their landscape into their living area are the people who get the most value out of their property. San Diego homeowners who have expanded their living area outdoors feel the additional benefits outdoor living spaces create makes the home improvement project an investment worth making. Below are some of the benefits of outdoor living spaces and a gallery of our work in all budget ranges to expand living areas outdoors.

Extension of your home

This is the number one reason to create your outdoor living space. Just as the name suggests, an outdoor living space can be as simple or as extensive a design as you desire. Nonetheless, it will be a place to enjoy your life outdoors. Some outdoor living spaces can even bring indoor amenities such as kitchens, fireplaces, and showers outdoors.


If you’re a homeowner, chances are you host gatherings. Be it a child’s birthday party, a simple barbecue, or an elaborate Fourth of July party, these events will provide you prime opportunities to take advantage of your investment.

The “Stay-cation”

“Stay-cation” is a term often associated with saving money and/or compromise. Well, creating your dreamscape can do away with the stigma of the stay-cation. You can be secure in the knowledge that you paid for a quality landscape construction project that increased the value of your home, and additionally you can take full advantage of it by saving on a costly vacation! Creating environments that rival a summer resort with pools, hot tubs, entertaining areas and more.