Frequently Asked Questions2022-05-13T03:25:58-07:00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an estimate on my landscaping project?2022-04-25T01:16:05-07:00

Yes, our estimates are done at no charge, however each situation and landscape job are different , but you may need a design which our company ProScapes by RHC Inc. can design and will help us accurately to bid your project.

How long does it take to complete a project?2022-04-25T01:17:08-07:00

Depending on the scope of the work this will affect the length of time it takes to complete the job. ProScapes by RHC Inc. Our goal is to mange and work efficiently so that at the end of the day we get done in a timely manner. When your project is scheduled to start our crew stays at your project until your job is complete we do not have your crew splitting time on three jobs at the same time.

How much maintenance is needed with your new landscape?2022-04-25T01:33:24-07:00

The amount of maintenance would be determined by what materials select for the new landscape that we install. We will work with you to create the yard of your dreams with as little or as much maintenance required.

Is anything subcontracted?2022-04-25T01:33:58-07:00

The majority of our work (90%) is done by ProScapes By RHC Inc. Employees. Yes, we do sub contract for your protection and ours, certain areas are very specialized work such as (i.e. Electrician). When we do sub contract our Subs have been working with us for a long period of time and we have a good professional working relationship with them.

Is ProScapes by RHC licensed and bonded?2022-04-25T01:34:40-07:00

Yes, we are licensed and bonded and we also are insured with both Worker’s Compensation and General Liability protection. It is very important that a Contractor have these coverage’s for your protection. It is always recommended that you access the California State Contractors Board website and look up a Contractor before hiring them to make sure that everything is in good standing.

What qualifies you to do my landscaping project?2022-04-25T01:35:59-07:00

We are a highly recognized company with high expectations of every single employee and every signal project to be completed in a professional workmanship .Also visit our website and see what our clients say about ProScapes by RHC Inc. and professionalism and customer service.

Why should I change my landscape?2022-04-25T01:36:24-07:00

There may be many reasons why you should change your landscape. Our goal at Proscape by RHC Inc. Is to make your landscape project functional with your outdoor living space, our focus is in craftsmanship and quality we will create outdoor living spaces and beautiful curb appeals. Also, when you improve your landscape you will increase the value of your home and with this it will bring pride of ownership that family and friends will enjoy for many years.

Will my house be left a total mess?2022-04-25T01:36:51-07:00

All of ProScapes by RHC Inc. employees are trained to clean up at the end of each day. While it can be an inconvenience to go through a construction project at your home we try to minimize Materials and debris as much as possible by completing the process quickly, cleanly and as efficiently as possible.

Will the installation of the landscape be guaranteed?2022-04-25T01:37:40-07:00

Our company ProScapes by RHC Inc. installs many different aspects (i.e. sprinklers, concrete, plants, etc.) and each of these parts are guaranteed in one way or another for a period of time, we warrant all aspects of the job and stand behind our work that show great craftsmanship.

Will there be anything left for me do after the landscaping has been completed?2022-04-25T01:38:07-07:00

Yes, Enjoy your new landscape, but you will need to keep an eye on your irrigation, lighting systems and various other automated controllers which should be minimal. We will recommend ProScapes by RHC Inc. to follow up with your new landscape we will keep your yard maintained properly and looking new for the years to come ,and keep you from having to spend your Saturday’s behind a lawn mower.